Welcome to the "The Suttoners" Sports and Social Website

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Welcome to the Suttoners website [which, as at this date, mid May 2010] has been refreshed and updated. We hope you find the new format more to your liking and easy to follow. Please take a few moments to browse through.

The Suttoners Sports and Social Club includes a Cricket section, the original part of the club founded in 1967, a Football section, hinged on about five years ago, and the Social section which came into existence to manage the whole club, including both sporting sections, bar, canteen, improvements, legal aspects etcetera.

The club exists to give people of any age, denomination, creed, religion, colour, race or any other criteria that exists the opportunity to play, watch, manage, organise, coach or support cricket and football in a friendly, pressure-less atmosphere. One denomination not mentioned earlier in this paragraph was standard. We will find a place for you whatever your talent you are [within reason] in one way or another. We have a number of youth cricket teams which fluctuates according to the interest in the various age ranges of between under-10 and under-16. Additionally we have five senior cricket teams playing every Saturday in both the Dorset and Hampshire leagues throughout the summer, an evening league side and various friendly and cup matches. During the winter the football section fields three teams which, like their cricketing counterparts, have recently notched some outstanding successes. Not all the teams win everything all the time which proves, also, that we are very human.

The Social section organises various events, most of them to raise funds for developing the pavilion, varying from Horse-racing evenings, nights at Poole Dog track, Poker nights and Quizzes. National and World wide sporting events are regularly shown on our large screen and, for this purpose, we subscribe to Sky Tv.

We won't detain you further with this preamble but, please, look through the other pages of our site and see for yourself. We look forward, hopefully, to welcoming you to Kinson Manor in the near future.
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