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The Suttoners Civil Football Club
Founded 1952
Bournemouth Hayward league

Formed : 1952 Originally known as Bournemouth Post Office
Home Ground : Kinson Manor, The Broadway, Kinson
Honours : 1st Team : Bmth Senior Cup Winners ( 3 times ) Pickford Cup Winners ( 4 times ) Challenge Cup
2nd Team : Page Croft Finalist 2003

Championships : 1st Team : Division 1 champions ( 6 times ) - Div 1 r/u ( 8 times )
2nd team : Division 3 Winners 88'89

Originally called Bournemoth Post Office, formed in 1952 when all players were employed by the post office. The club changed its name to Civil Service in 1992 and then became Suttoners FC in 2002. In 1950 a few postmen got together for a friendly kickabout at the Civil service club and after playing friendly matches for a while it was decided to constitute a proper club with full committee. An Application to join the Bourenmouth FA was accepted and we have been in the league ever since. Due to shift work it was not always possible to field the best side and for a number of years we stayed in the lower divisions of the league. Meetings were held and it was decided to bring in players from outside the Post office.

This brought its rewards and for the past 20 years or so the 1st XI have been in Division 1 of the B.F.A. They have won the Division 1 title 6 times and have been runners up on no less than 8 occasions. They have won the Bournemouth SeniorCup 3 times ,the Pickford cup 4 times and the Challange cup once.

A reserve team was formed in the 80's starting in division 5. In 1985 they finished runners up and promoted to Div 4.

In 1987 they again finished as runners up and promoted to Div 3. In 1988 they won the Div 3 title and finished runners up in Div 2 in the 1991/92 but could not be promoted due to having a team already in Div 1. Unfortunately they were relegated to Div 3 in 94/95 but bounced back again in 1996/97. After relegation in 2001 they again returned to Div 2 in 2003 where they reached the Final of the Page Croft Cup.

Over the years a number of players in the club have played representative football for the B.F.A.

The President, Bill Underwood, Treasurer, Ted Bosisto, and Chairman Jim Northover have all received honours from theHampshire FA and Bournemouth FA for services to local football.